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It is important to Northbay Garage Doors that you are happy with your door choice for years to come.  We are happy to help customers choose the right door for their particular home style, location and budget.  Feel free to Contact Us for assistance.  For those who would like to research products on their own, please visit our Sales page which contains information and brochure links for each door.

From custom estates to tract housing to barns to seaside villas, Sonoma County houses are suited to garage doors manufactured in a variety of materials and styles.  We offer dozens of door models, with multiple panel designs and window design options in a variety of glass types.  Because we are dedicated to matching each garage door to each customer’s specific needs, we do not stock an inventory of doors. 

We do, however, stock a large selection of repair parts including long life torsion springs.  Our Repair Services page explains the advantage of hiring Northbay Garage Doors to replace your broken garage door springs and perform other garage door maintenance and repairs.


Garage door replacements in the Western region tend to produce a higher value than elsewhere in the U.S. Here are 10 sample Western markets* where an upscale garage door replacement generates a return that actually exceeds the cost of the project. As Remodeling says, these projects "are worth more in resale value than the owner spent to construct them."

  1. San Jose, CA 208,2%
  2. San Francisco 179.5%
  3. Santa Rosa, CA 176.5%
  4. Los Angeles, CA 145.6%
  5. Seattle, WA 141.2%
  6. Portland, OR 130.7%
  7. Honolulu, HI 129.5%
  8. Spokane, WA 123.8%
  9. San Diego, CA 115.8%
  10. Ventura, CA 110.7%

*Published by DASMA 2018 Garage Door ROI (Return On Investment)

Matt's Tips
for a
Healthy Garage Door
"Often times a homeowner is in a hurry when their garage door repairman arrives. To save time, please, have your vehicles out of the driveway before the technician arrives. Also, move vehicles or other items out of the garage and/or away from the door inside the garage (if it is possible to do so safely, otherwise we will be happy to assist you with this once we arrive). There is a high probability that the technician will need access to the header (area above the door) on the inside of the garage along the full length of the door, the track mounts (at the header) on both sides of the door and the operator power-head area with a 6' ladder."